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Even the hardest of substances can’t stand up to time. Breaking Stone Majestic icon Tortuous time wreaks havoc Mountainside crumbles — Advertisements

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Mijikayo (short night)

I’m learning more about kigo and their use in haiku. Today, my inspiration is the upcoming summer solstice. Cheating the Dark Summer solstice sun Reluctantly falls away Eager to return Dark a little while Painted sky of twinkling light Short … Continue reading

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Painting the Future with Hope

I like happy endings and this haiku trio is no exception. Look for the silver lining! Painting the Future with Hope Silently distraught Dark blankets of night time clouds Shadows muting hope Tears of sunlight shine Dark retreats from heaven’s … Continue reading

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I found an incredible picture by Rich Ocampo on Flikr. The exquisite lighting and seductive pose of his model silently screamed for me to write for it. I hope this poem does it justice. Seductress Soft lips; Tender smooth skin; … Continue reading

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A favorite quote of mine from George Santayana says that “those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it.”  Their future is easy to divine. Seeing the Future It’s been seen, before: History sketched in wrinkles With time’s … Continue reading

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Finding Your Life

Recently, I enjoyed a weekend away from it all, where cellphones didn’t even work. It was so relaxing and energizing. Sometimes, I forget how important it is to unwind by unplugging. Finding Your Life Utterly exhausted, No wind beneath these … Continue reading

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Natural Dreams

Zen filled words from the pages of Kyoshi Takahama are the inspiration for this haiku. Natural Dreams With drooping eyelids Spring blossoms and gentle winds Caressing my soul —

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