Haunting Thoughts of Bad Poetry

English: stamp with the words "Fail"...

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Haunting Thoughts of Bad Poetry

Whispers in the dark
Going through my mind
Both in the park and in the field
The kind of every type

The one that bothers most
Is why I cannot rhyme
I’d boast if it worked out
In time the skill will come

At least I’m good at stuff
like syllable counts,
enough grammar I have,
and low amounts of mispellings

This poem was REALLY hard to do and when I look at it, I feel like there are fingernails screeching against blackboards, all around me!  I wrote for the Poetic Bloomings prompt to write a “bad poem”.  It really was hard to ruin rhymes, mess up syllable counts and purposely misspell.  Hopefully, my poem is bad enough to make (or is that fail) the grade.


About ewdupler

Gene is an avid outdoorsman, loves reading and is known to put pen to paper (well, he types) as an amateur poet.
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5 Responses to Haunting Thoughts of Bad Poetry

  1. It’s funny how I read it as beautiful…interesting huh?

    • ewdupler says:

      Thank you, so much, Jennifer.

      Reflecting on the challenge, maybe the point is to realize that even if we write what we don’t think is very good, there’s still something there of value? Personally, I still hear the chalkboard singing but maybe that will help me let loose a little more when I write. 🙂

  2. McGuffy Ann says:

    Now THAT was a challenge! Well done!

  3. hardworkinjudy says:

    Not sure I would welcome such a challenge. It would rankle the inner self. lol

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