Life in the Ocean (and Beyond)

America likes to view itself as the world’s melting pot. Sometimes we don’t act that way and we’re a little forgetful.  This week’s Poetry Pantry prompt reminds me that some variety can make the ocean a much better place.

Poetry Pantry – featured image

Life in the Ocean (and Beyond)

Tales of paranoia
fill every melting pot:
Aliens above, monsters of the deep
and fear of the unknown.

Tenuous relations
make strangers unwelcome.
Banding the familiar,
there is safety in numbers.

Danger in every action,
fear haunts so many thoughts.
But the sun still shines
and new fish bring new color.

Basking in salty shallows,
in the vibrant deep,
the tides keep flowing –
home in the sun-filled blue.

Births, families, friends;
Happiness, trust, love;
Life goes on,
even in the ocean.


I have a love/hate relationship with free verse poetry. In my writing, I try so hard to be structured and wince whenever I think my syllable counts or emphasis could be better. But when I switch to free verse, that isn’t an option anymore. It forces me to break out of that shell (as if I was a sea turtle?) and to let my words flow a little more freely. The wonderful prompts at Poetry Pantry focus me as I look for words to paint over their photography. Despite the awkwardness I feel from missing structure, I really end up enjoying this process.

In Poetry Pantry #151, I couldn’t help but notice the boat floating above the water and how things got dark in the deeper water. It reminded me of our fear of strangers and even the paranoia that people develop for things like aliens. I had a little fun putting that into the poem. But my main intent was to remind myself that we’re stronger as a group, every individual lends their individual color to the picture, and together we will live life and bear all things.


About ewdupler

Gene is an avid outdoorsman, loves reading and is known to put pen to paper (well, he types) as an amateur poet.
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