Shincha (New Tea)


As summer looms, the joys of spending nights in the woods fill me with anticipation. Camping here is incredible.

Hot tea

Summer Camping

After a long day, camp begins to settle. We swap boots for bed clothes, hang bear bags and set up lanterns as our quiet sentinels for the night. Whispers, laughs and rustling are quietly wrestled to silence with a nightly ritual. At a picnic table, under a lantern, sheltered by a canopy, the pocket stove comes out. Screwed onto a fuel source and lit to warm a bowl of water, we talk about our day. One-by-one, thorns and roses roll from our lips. The trials of the day fade as we prepare our tea. Chamomile aroma fills us. Sips of hot liquid quench the last of the day’s fires.

New tea aroma
Soothing souls and greeting night
Prepares us for dreams

Retreating to tents, zipper sounds and shuffling gear make way for night’s subtle serenade. Wind blows gently through the trees as coyotes sing to each other in the distance. An owl hoots as it takes up a favorite forest perch. Crickets chirp, lulling us to sleep as summer sings.

Summer serenade
Whispering tales of nature
Subtle Symphony

Originally started as a haiku for the Carpe Diem prompt #212, this poem emerged as a haibun.  It’s my second poem of this form which I really enjoyed writing as it brought back so many wonderful camping memories.  Who would have thought that writing about “new tea” could evoke such thoughts?


About ewdupler

Gene is an avid outdoorsman, loves reading and is known to put pen to paper (well, he types) as an amateur poet.
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