Puzzle Pieces

Random thoughts can lead to quite interesting places. Sometimes, you just need to follow the rabbit trail and see what you find. I found “Hazel Train” on just such a path.

Shinkansen bullet trainHazel Train

My best friend, ran so hard from here
as boys from artichokes.
He left as if a dog to steak
you’d never have to coax.

‘twas Market street he barreled down,
‘cause he saw it coming.
Like an army bound for Moscow
strongly was forthcoming.

It charged as if through fields of green,
an orient express,
Past lakes of blue and mountains tall,
while causing some distress.

A crazed hyena driving it,
conductor for the day.
In 50 blocks or just one more,
she’d surely find her prey.

Once you’re pinned beneath the wheel,
prepare to acquiesce.
There won’t be pain, though now you’ll hear
the Gettysburg Address.

Those lectures always packed a punch
like words that formed a bomb.
Next time skip the running down
and listen to your mom!

I’ll admit, this poem wasn’t entirely fair to Mom, but I giggled a few times while writing it. It’s in common measure because I like the way that type of poem flows, even though I only rhymed every other line. So now, let me tell you how it was born.

This poem answered the Puzzle Piece challenge at Poetic Bloomings. I was given random prompts that all had to form the poem. Here they were:

1. Your mother’s first name.
2. A wild animal.
3. A city you’ve never visited, but would like to.
4. A hobby.
5. A mode of transportation.
6. Your least favorite vegetable.
7. A “lucky” number.
8. Your favorite color.
9. Three random words.
10. Historical event.
11. A childhood friend.
12. The street on which you grew up.

You can write in any form, meter and rhyme scheme. Your title will be the answer to #1 + the second random word in #9.

Can you spot the words I chose?


About ewdupler

Gene is an avid outdoorsman, loves reading and is known to put pen to paper (well, he types) as an amateur poet.
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2 Responses to Puzzle Pieces

  1. clever and enjoyable – nice job

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