Gardens Full of Imagination

Beautiful gardens are places to let the imagination wander. I lost myself in a garden picture today, and let my thoughts roam for a while.

German garden gnome

Garden Gnomes and Teasing Gardens

Hiding from reality
Find my garden – run from home
My secret place from others
Where I’ll find a garden gnome
They like to talk your ears off
And they rhyme as with a poem

Colorful flower carpets
Fiction meets reality
Walking on lily pads paths
Trees make us a canopy
Log tables and stumpy chairs
Butterflies like jewelry

A gnome yearning for my world
Tired of all the dwarven bands
He needs a grounding anchor
Just the things he crafts with hands
Imagination is worn
Wants no magic, spells or wands

After years of city life
I could tell him of my woes
With doldrums every day
And horror on the news shows
There are gangs that roam the street
And that terrorism blows

We find the other ready
Once we’ve seen the greener grass
Shaking hands and trading hats
The ritual done, at last
A smile, wink and nod – we’re good
What we knew will be the past!

As the garden sings to us
It bids to us both goodbye
Gnome will find some roads ahead
But the clouds are where I’ll fly
Sadly, gardens always tease
Once I admit it, I’ll cry

The Imaginary Frogs with Real Toads prompt, today, was an open prompt. But it had a tantalizing picture of an imaginary garden. It was a beautiful impressionistic painting that caused my mind to wander. I dreamed of a story of a magical garden where I met a gnome that was tired of his fantasy life. After talking for a while, we decided that grass really was greener on the other side, so we traded lives. I went to fantasy while he went to reality. This is a simple poem with alternate rhyming lines that I hope captures a little of that garden magic.

the imaginary garden with real toads

About ewdupler

Gene is an avid outdoorsman, loves reading and is known to put pen to paper (well, he types) as an amateur poet.
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