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Stephen King, American author best known for h...

A favorite book club of mine on Goodreads decided to do their monthly poetry contest about book titles. I couldn’t resist giving it a shot with the titles from one of my favorite authors.

A Scrap of Kingly Horror

Pressing on Under the Dome of winter clouds,
accompanied by Needful Things I once called friends,
we trudged through the snow, bearing Misery as shrouds.
Only Christine brought matches – two left.  They were Glen’s.

Desperation sets in, just as I thought it should.
But the girl with The Eyes of the Dragon began to stir,
gathering some Firestarter and pulling flame from wood.
Her sister, Carrie, would be so proud of her.

That is if she wasn’t in The Dead Zone already,
for she set out in the snow From a Buick 8 and froze.
I’m praying for Insomnia, because sleeping here is deadly.
We need to march toward The Shining sun.  We cannot doze.

We argue about reaching the Black House,
but they refuse to walk near the Pet Sematary.
The Stand happens – the fight as bad as with a spouse.
It may be the death of me but I pressed on alone, albeit scary.

Oh for The Green Mile instead of all this snow that causes moans
for it freezes The Tommyknockers as much as my ungloved hand.
Should you find this note next to my Bag of Bones,
let it be The Talisman that sees you through to Joyland.

Sadly, I’ve only read a few of those books. I’ll have to put a few more of them on my reading list. Now, if they would only stop making movies about them, distracting me away from the books!

This was written for the monthly prompt from Old Books, New Readers.


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Gene is an avid outdoorsman, loves reading and is known to put pen to paper (well, he types) as an amateur poet.
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