Sounds at the Beach

English: A sunny August day at the beach at Jo...We go to the beach to relax, but do you realize how noisy it can be?  From the roaring ocean, the whipping wind, there are lots of sounds – especially when you throw in a few screaming kids!

Sounds at the Beach

Breaks just for breathing, a breach in my burden,
Beholding a bubble of life at the beach.

Billowed and buffeted by a breeze, blowing.
Bereft of blaming and breaking my back.

Cast toward the cosmos of a coastal class,
Curiously calming, calamitous sounds.

Cacophonous calls of crazy kids,
Capering, carousing and carrying on.

Swimmers and surfers celebrate the seas with
Sensational sounds of splishing and splashing .

Sensational swimsuits sun silently as
Sizzling suntans stimulate the senses.

Wrestled and whipped by a westerly wind,
Waves upon waves of wondrous water.

Whisk away both worries and woes,
While waterfront walkers wistfully unwind.

I started this poem earlier in the day and struggled with it. It’s supposed to be an abstract poem where sound is everything. I ended up just having fun with the sounds and let the poem do it’s own thing. After a little sleep, I wonder if I’ll hate it or not?

For the time being, it’s my entry for the Poetic Blossoms challenge to write an abstract or sound poem. Let’s hope I didn’t embarrass myself, here!


About ewdupler

Gene is an avid outdoorsman, loves reading and is known to put pen to paper (well, he types) as an amateur poet.
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One Response to Sounds at the Beach

  1. I can still remember as a teen standing on the sand hearing nothing but radios from nearby beachgoers – but when I laid down on the blanket all I could hear was the surf

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