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Peace Within

How does one truly find inner peace? Wait, let me make it tougher. How does one find inner peace with kids in the house?! Here is my take on it. find pieces within cracked shells as they leave the nest … Continue reading

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Deadly Design

Beautiful design of wonderful construction – Your coffin awaits —-

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Endless Skies

One of my earliest childhood memories is laying in the leaves at the bottom of our outdoor basement steps, staring at the clouds rolling by.  I was absolutely mesmerized.  To this day, I love the clouds, so I very much … Continue reading

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Unleashed Desires

Some of life’s greatest treasures can be found in the most simple things. Revealing some of my secret obsessions, I found that some of them are simple pleasures that I just can’t get enough of. Softly on skin, a gentle … Continue reading

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Sweet Obsession

I started writing for a challenge about obsessions that I found at Verse First.  I’m not going to submit it as my final poem as I deviated a bit from their intention.  But I enjoyed writing this one. Butterflies swirl, … Continue reading

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Hidden Places

When our souls need to recover, we retreat to hidden places. But those places aren’t always places we visit with our bodies as much as with our minds. This haiku trio seeks those places of the mind. simple solitude: salve … Continue reading

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In Twenty Years

With the anniversary of the “I Have a Dream” speech today, I embarked on a challenge to write a poem with some vision. Given my son’s recent birthday, my thoughts took me to looking forward twenty years. I see your … Continue reading

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