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Leave Muddy Waters Behind

Opaque, the cloud filled skies and water match, and meet at colored boats where ripples stroke. Along the shore, the bows by faith attach where mud-born prints a journey doth provoke. A cold spring sun will keeps its gaze turned … Continue reading

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Crooked Haiku

Weaving through the trees Moonlight shadows the racoon Crooked intentions Hundred mile journey Crooked paths in wild places Mountain stream, trickles Tiny crooked legs With impossible angles Fawn takes a first step —-

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Trio in a Tub

The butcher is neat but also discrete. He’ll cut a potato with flair. Our baker is known for pies that he’s thrown, but bakes with the greatest of care. Candlestick Maker, not a wax faker, brings light to the dark, … Continue reading

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Always There

My Dad was always there, you see, to coach, to teach, to lead the way, and occasion, paddle me. Despite his love, at times I’d stray to learn from life, all on my own, but with his wisdom, I had … Continue reading

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Stephen’s Classic

250 bucks for a used Plymouth Fury, and an old dilapidated mess. It’s broken down and barely runs but yields visions of grandeur, past. I poured my soul into those wheels just to get her on the road again. The … Continue reading

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Life Divided

Life is divided into the horrible and the miserable. — Woody Allen A life divided, dark and night, paints my life in shades of grey while blotting out the brightest light. Misery haunts me every day, and for escape, there … Continue reading

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Warazuka (Straw bundles)

Fall colored mountains Straw bundles dot barren fields Field mouse wonderland Chilly evenings Guarded by straw-stuffed scarecrows Crescent moon, rising “Let my people go,” Pharaoh flexes his power, “Make bricks without straw.”

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