Searching for Socks

Orange and green socks 2

Another sock lost,
oh where could it be?
‘Twas there on the dresser
where Mom put it for me.

Bright orange with green stripes,
and a hole in the end.
And now it’s been stolen,
before I could mend.

Who could it be?
I’m half ‘fraid to think,
it might be the boogeymen –
I could feel my heart sink.

But the thief left their footprints,
in the dust on the floor,
which I followed so carefully
‘til I found a door.

There under my bed,
with strings gathered round,
was a brilliant red door,
with lint all around.

I searched for a flashlight,
and held it so tight,
while gathering courage
for adventure, tonight.

Down through the door
were tunnels galore.
I crawled through so quickly,
I ended up sore.

When the cave opened up,
I found a nice mouse.
He wondered aloud,
“Did you come from your house?”

My story poured forth
about my lost sock.
Then Mikey the Mouse
looked down at his clock

He welcomed me here
to Wooleepulluff.
Where the king collects his tax,
like socks and such stuff.

So Mikey my friend,
led me to the king.
When we got there,
you could hear the king sing.

He sang out his name
“Bart the Beetle”, he said,
“Scares away boogeymen
and loves the color red.”

But when I complained,
“That’s all nice and fine,
I’m here for my socks,
that’s where I draw the line.”

King Bart sat up so tall,
and looked toward my way.
“My dear that’s my tax
to keep boogeymen at bay.”

I thought for a moment
and knew he was right.
For monsters are mean –
keep them out of sight!

I took off my sock,
put it to the side,
then bowed and I left
with Mikey beside.

When we found my red door
I was glad for this night,
where I met Mikey,
and traded socks for a fright.

Mikey bid me adieu
from this magical place.
After hugs and my thanks,
to my bed I did race.

Closing the door,
I snuggled in bed.
I thought of King Bart
and Mikey my friend.

Wearing one sock,
my shoulders did shrug,
I slipped into dreams,
as snug as a bug.

Over lunch I decided to write for the prompt my Goodreads book club put up about “Investigations”. I came up with a bedtime story to help answer the mystery of all those lost socks!

UPDATE: I liked this poem enough that I recorded it and posted it to SoundCloud.


About ewdupler

Gene is an avid outdoorsman, loves reading and is known to put pen to paper (well, he types) as an amateur poet.
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