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Tan Renga Challenge – Harbour Moon

harbour moon the loneliness of fishermen under lighthouse cliff cast again, into the sea always fishing, never caught (c) Joe of FlatFrogHaiku/Gene Dupler —- Advertisements

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Buson’s, a Hand-Ball

Childrens’ toy Soaked and sodden by spring rain Out of reach Out of reach Unlike spring cherry blossoms Meaningless Meaningless Unrecognized by nature Childrens’ toy —-

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Tan Renga Challenge – With Light in Your Eyes

With light in your eyes You embrace me in your arms Our hearts beat as one As souls flood with emotion – You’re my rudder, I’m your sail (c) The Imaginator/Gene Dupler —-

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Stepping Out

Memories wander to fairer days in the clearest skies so deep and blue where fluffy clouds bend a thousand ways. Smiles creep in, imagination plays, for that life was good and wondrous, too. Without a warning there came the dark, … Continue reading

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Tan Renga Challenge: Oh Sweet October

oh, sweet october… spare thy frost on yonder grapes our sweet summer wine as fall blooms, we do entreat – serenade us with your song (c) Opie Houston/Gene Dupler —-

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On the White Sand

Takuboku’s Tanka: On the white sand Of the beach of a small isle In the Eastern Sea I, my face streaked with tears, Am playing with a crab My Imitation: Journeys in silence Oasis without others Quiet seclusion Heart strangled … Continue reading

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By the Shallow Pond

by the shallow pond reflection drawing northern fowl a warm sun shimmers tadpoles dodging the minnows under kingfisher’s shadow —-

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