By the Shallow Pond

by the shallow pond
reflection drawing northern fowl
a warm sun shimmers

tadpoles dodging the minnows
under kingfisher’s shadow


A Tan Renga is a collaborative two stanza poem. I found the first stanza in a Carpe Diem prompt written by Joanne. The second stanza (in green) is all mine.


About ewdupler

Gene is an avid outdoorsman, loves reading and is known to put pen to paper (well, he types) as an amateur poet.
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15 Responses to By the Shallow Pond

  1. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    The shadow is everything, especially to those little pond creatures! (Hope you will stop by for a visit. Thanks.)

    Hiding the Stars

  2. GILLENA COX says:

    this reads so well and the photo is stunning

    much love…

  3. Sumana Roy says:

    a grand ending………

  4. theinnerzone says:

    Wow, clever and beautiful!

    • ewdupler says:

      Joanne’s wonderful haiku got to set the stage. Thank you for coming to check out the completed work.

      Your blog seems to be just starting. I’m eager to see some of your work and hope you return.

  5. Awesome completion … Gene it’s a great scenery you have painted here with your words.

  6. atrm61 says:

    Oh,this is a perfect completion-just took my breath away!

  7. Cathy Tenzo says:

    Yes, you make the picture even more complete. Well done.

  8. A kingsfisher is quite a threat to tadpoles..

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