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That Wasn’t What I Meant

Sunlight fades upon our date. “No more charades,” she said, “its late.” Trying to guess her true intent, “So do you think it’s time to go?” And with a wink she whispered, low, “That wasn’t what I meant.” Advertisements

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My Insides Out

For all to see, I’m plainly there. Not quite normal, but no one cares. On the surface, a stoic ripple; underneath, emotional cripple. In black recess, abyssal deep, no light of day, in dark I weep. My voice is weak, … Continue reading

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Happy Hoodie Hoo Day

It came and went, another storm, much colder than the last. And in its wake, my frozen form whose warmth has long since passed. Those dreary skies lurk overhead, with clouds of wintry gray. But in my soul, there is … Continue reading

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