Life the in Day

Jumping behind the wheel, it’s a race between home and work.
Both are reluctant to be part, even for a minute.
A shared meal entices with olfactory teasing.
Prayer and reflection – savoring quiet time with a loved one.
Framed by the window, the silhouette changes.
Crawling toward the shower, both needed and desired.
Legs wrestle with blankets. Surrender.
A silent sliver of sunlight shines through the window.


Day 28 of NaPoWriMo looks for a poem that tells a story but is written in reverse.  I tried to make a poem that worked either direction.  In my case, my original poem takes me from waking to work.  But in reverse, I rush home for a meal, quiet time, a shower and bed.  I tried to be clever by reversing the title, too.


About ewdupler

Gene is an avid outdoorsman, loves reading and is known to put pen to paper (well, he types) as an amateur poet.
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