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A Fan Letter Fit for a King

Thank you, sir – For The Shining moments in my mind. Without your words, I’d be in Misery, as if in a Dead Zone. This talent of yours, It flames my reading passion, As if it was a Firestarter of … Continue reading

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Morning Beauty

Sky wrapped silhouette Soft shadows Brightening the day

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Loveless Drought

Once fertile soil is cause to pout, devoid of fruit, despite my toil – withering leaves in loveless drought. Does your heart reap in other soil? I’ll worm out truth, cast away doubt. —-

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Lab Trial Ninety-Nine

Laboratory trial ninety-nine: It was bacilliform sample thirty-three. Within hours, the bacteria multiplied unpredictably in petri dishes. Rats fully incubated the “infection” within weeks of birth. No doubts linger, I discovered the source. This has ramifications of which we never … Continue reading

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Not a Morning Person

A warning, true, that you ignored brings much ado and your reward. This time it’s bad, you woke the dead! A curse, my lad, is on your head: Go make me some coffee! —-

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Trio in a Tub

The butcher is neat but also discrete. He’ll cut a potato with flair. Our baker is known for pies that he’s thrown, but bakes with the greatest of care. Candlestick Maker, not a wax faker, brings light to the dark, … Continue reading

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My Universe Defined by a Tableau

My Universe Defined by a Tableau Surrounded at home by beautiful land, couched in the mountains of Appalachia. I was born here and will find my grave here. My craft consumes me. It’s exciting, yet unpredictable. But still I will … Continue reading

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