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Unleashed Desires

Some of life’s greatest treasures can be found in the most simple things. Revealing some of my secret obsessions, I found that some of them are simple pleasures that I just can’t get enough of. Softly on skin, a gentle … Continue reading

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Sweet Obsession

I started writing for a challenge about obsessions that I found at Verse First.  I’m not going to submit it as my final poem as I deviated a bit from their intention.  But I enjoyed writing this one. Butterflies swirl, … Continue reading

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My Universe Defined by a Tableau

My Universe Defined by a Tableau Surrounded at home by beautiful land, couched in the mountains of Appalachia. I was born here and will find my grave here. My craft consumes me. It’s exciting, yet unpredictable. But still I will … Continue reading

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A Week Away

A Week Away Away from it all, Forging ahead, Forested path, Gorgeous rewards by the side; Hiking solitude.

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