Morning Beauty

Sky wrapped silhouette
Soft shadows
Brightening the day


Day 1 of National Poetry Writing Month:  This is my first entry for this year’s napowrimo.  The “off to the races” theme is a poetic form called a lune.

My inspiration was waking up to seeing my lovely fiancee sitting near the window.  She was framed by the gray sky behind her.  What a beautiful site to enjoy upon waking!

Here are a couple of other poems I wrote this morning:

On my windowsill
Beauty perched
Magnificent day

Clouds blanket the sky
Rain drizzles
Gray inspiration


About ewdupler

Gene is an avid outdoorsman, loves reading and is known to put pen to paper (well, he types) as an amateur poet.
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16 Responses to Morning Beauty

  1. jazzytower says:

    You had a very productive morning:)

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  3. Bryan Ens says:

    Indeed, the sillouette of a loved one in the window would be a delightful way to wake up.

  4. biggerthanalasagna says:

    Lunes are so awesome! Wonderful responses.

  5. lilly1949 says:

    Where are you? I’m in Puerto Rico and it was cloudy all day yesterday, too.

    • ewdupler says:

      I’m in the mountains of Pennsylvania. It’s absolutely beautiful here. I’m told we have as many days of cloudiness as Seattle. But I like that. Clouds are perfect for the imagination.

  6. Lori Carlson says:

    Gorgeous Lunes, Gene! Have a great weekend!
    Lori’s NaPoWriMo

  7. You’re off to a good start – much better than my poor attempts!

  8. SH says:

    Simple beauty. Gorgeous! I love that you wrote a few different entries for today. My favorite is the last one because I love the quiet mood of rainy days!

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  10. jademwong says:

    Beautiful inspiration indeed 🙂

  11. neenslewy says:

    Lovely. I am days behind – but funnily enough a grey start also – weather wise, the Lunes went well.

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